2. The Fight against Doping in Sport

Unit 2: The Fight against Doping in Sport
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This unit outlines the key stakeholders involved in the in the fight against doping and how this fight is coordinated and delivered.

The core document guiding the anti-doping movement is the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code). It is a set of harmonised, policies and regulations that facilitates a coordinated approach to anti-doping. The background and ongoing development of the Code is explained in this unit as are the subsequent standards and processes that are informed by the Code.

A key element in the fight against doping is the collection of samples from athletes as part of the doping control process, which is explained in detail from athlete notification, delivery of samples to an accredited laboratory to the results management process, which may include sanctions and appeals. Newer developments, such as Athlete Biological Passport Programme, which monitors selected parameters to detect indirectly the effects of doping, and investigations as a way to detect non-analytical anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs) are also explained in detail.

Table of Contents: 
  • Who’s Who in Anti-Doping
  • World Anti-Doping Code
  • Copenhagen Declaration & UNESCO Convention
  • International Standards
  • How Doping is Fought
  • Supplementary Information
    • WADA’s Logo Story
    • FISU
    • ADAMS
    • Whereabouts
    • The Spirit of Sport & the Fundamental Rationale for the World Anti-Doping Code

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