1. What is Doping?

Unit 1: What is Doping?
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This unit sets the context for doping and anti-doping in sport by defining is the terms and documenting the history of doping including the subsequent development of anti-doping into what is now the global fight against doping. A key principle that underpins anti-doping is that of strict liability whereby the athlete is responsible for what enters their body, regardless of intention.

Table of Contents: 
  • Definition of Doping
  • History of Doping and Anti-Doping
    • Early Years of Doping
    • First Attempts
    • Tests Begin to Work
    • New Challenges
    • Future Challenges – Gene Doping
    • United Efforts
    • Creation of WADA
  • Supplementary Information
    • Strict Liability
    • Lausanne Declaration on Doping in Sport

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